September 1-30, 2016

The still anthropomorphic structure of the city – roads, intersections, architecture – comes alive, gets filled with the energy of modern art. The immediate live action of the artist happening here and now, their interaction with the reality around them, with the citizens, sets the whole urban landscape into motion.

In 2016, the annual International Festival ARTBAT FEST decided to experiment and reformatted its structure. The festival public art program included a series of Kazakhstan and foreign performances and happenings held in the city space.

"The last photo session" of Waldemar Tatarczuk, acousmatic concert of Sergey Kasich, talk about art in a cab with Alex Martinez, "Optimisation" of Slava PTRK and others...

Botanic Garden is the area that has continuous symbiotic relationships with the city; that is what inspired artists to explore this process. In the area different forms of symbiosis are visible both in biological and social dimensions. 

Solo exhibition of Olya Kroytor

Solo exhibition of Kuanysh Bazargaliev



Vladimir Potapov's works, though painting, but rather exist in the space of sculpture-they talk with the past, not only with our common, but also with the world history of art.

This educational program had been designed for young people aged 18-35 who have little experience in art, and, perhaps, are not yet formed as independent artists. The summer program, consisting of a series of lectures by leading contemporary artists, and workshops on the implementation of the students' projects, was completed with the Exhibition of Young Artists as part of the ARTBAT FEST 7 Festival.


The final product of three-month sessions is going to be an exhibition of Young Artists, which will be held at the Tram depot in Almaty. The place was chosen for a reason. One could trace the peculiar connection between Railway Station, where the last year’s opening of the Festival was held, and Tram Depot. The metaphor of movement/relocation perfectly suits artistic practices. In addition, it is no secret that Almaty is in desperate need for exhibition spaces; therefore we constantly search for unconventional ways and places.

Theatre performances, screenings, lectures on science art and much more



Festival director Olga Veselova

The Chairman of the NGO "Eurasian Cultural Alliance"– Igor Sludskiy

Art-director Vladislav Sludskiy 

Festival coordinator – Anna Assonova

Production – Anna Assonova

Installation of exhibitions – Victor Vorobyev, Roman Zakharov 

Technical support – Svetlana Vanina

Photo – Theo Frost, Anna Assonova, Yuliya Sorokina, Yana Malinovskaya

Video – Ivan Bessedin, Artem Popov

Catalogue design – Olzhas Isenov

Volunteers – Nikita Lankin, Danill Li, Neilya Golovkova

ARTBAT FEST 7 Partners:

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Informational partners:


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