Curator: Yuliya Sorokina

Co-curator: Olga Veselova

Educational period: May-August


From May to August 2017 in the School of Artistic Gesture was held 12 lectures, 3 a week-long master class, work on projects with the curator of the exhibition of young artists 'Act of Creation', the preparation for the exhibition.

Workshops and tutors of the School of Artistic Gesture-2017

July 4-9 - Video

Tutor: Ruth Maclennan (UK)

Ruth Maclennan works with video installations, photography, book writing, performances, interdisciplinary and curatorial projects. Her works are exhibited at international exhibitions and film festivals, are in public and private collections, including the Wellcome Collection and the Centre Pasqu'art. In her films, Ruth MacLennan explores the role of the artist and art in the context of social, geopolitical and environmental changes in the world.


July 10-16 - Artist-curator

Tutor: Sabina Shikhlinskaya (Azerbaijan)

Sabina Shikhlinskaya - artist, independent curator, pioneer of conceptual art of Azerbaijan. Sabina works with various media: photography and video installations, site-specific and painting. Using multimedia practices and cross-cultural backgrounds, Sabina explores the complex relationship between politics, historical memory and national identity. Since 1993 Sabina Shikhlinskaya has carried out more than 70 curatorial projects and exhibitions of international level. In 2007 she was the curator of the first national pavilion of Azerbaijan at the 52nd Venice Biennale. He has the title of Honored artist of Azerbaijan, is a member of CIMAM.

Master-class "Artist-curator" of Sabina Shikhlinskaya, in which the participants had to offer independent projects in the museum space.

July 18-22 - Performance

Tutor: Waldemar Tatarczuk (Poland)


Waldemar Tatarczuk - curator and artist-performer. Founder and curator of the Center for performing arts in Lublin (1999-2010), Director of the Lublin Labyrinth gallery (since 2010).

Master-class "Performance" of Waldemar Tatarczuk. Individual works of participants of the master-class in the public space.


May 18-27 - Lectures on philosophy.
Lecturers: Mikhail Akulov (historian, teacher of the Kazakh-British Technical University), Alexey Ulko (culturologist, translator, author of articles (Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

June 1-10 - Lectures on the history of contemporary art.
Lecturer - Yulia Sorokina (curator of the School of artistic Gesture, curator, author of articles, Phd, teacher of the Academy of arts named after Zhurgenov).

June 17-28 - Lectures on the history of Kazakhstan culture.
Lecturers: Valeriya Nedlina (musicologist, music critic), David Kaminski (architect, researcher of the project ArchCode Almaty, guide), Kairat Zhanabayev (literary critic, a specialist in Kazakh epos), Margarita Solovyova (writer, film critic, lecturer at the Academy of arts named after Zhurgenov).

In 2017 SAG provided travel grants to three students from Astana and Semey to participate in the workshops and subsequent exhibition.

Coordinator of the School of Artistic School - Anna Assonova

Photo - Anna Assonova

General partner of the School of Artistic Gesture-2018 -

Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation

We thank Goethe Institute in Almaty for the auditorium


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