Educational platform of ARTBAT FEST

since 2016

For four years already a project aimed at supporting young artists is activated under the ARTBAT FEST initiative. After carrying out the project of 2014 in an exhibition format at first, it became clear to us that its purpose is to educate, rather than just to demonstrate. Therefore, in 2015 one of the curator’s tasks was to work individually with artists on their projects. In 2016 the idea of a special educational program was pursued to the fullest. Undoubtedly, the educative component was present in previous years of the festival, but they were short event: short workshops, lectures, meetings with artists. However, it requires time for someone to be able to fully assimilate new ideas. In addition, in Almaty there’re no educational programs specializing in contemporary art. Having worked with Kazakhstani artists the lack of communication between generations became evident as well. Continuity, student internships and apprentices practically ceased to exist.


That was the reason why it was decided to create a special educational course prior to the festival, as theory goes before practice. We are infinitely grateful that well-known Kazakhstani curator Yuliya Sorokina supported this idea. This is how the School of Artistic Gesture (SAG) was born.


In 2016 the final product of three-month sessions was an Exhibition of Young Artists, which was held at the Tram depot in Almaty. 

In 2017 the result of a serious 4-month educational process with lectures and workshops was 'Act of Creation' an Exhibition of Young Artists in the cinemacenter "Arman".

School of Artistic Gesture - 2018

School of Artistic Gesture - 2017. Consciousness

School of Artistic Gesture - 2016

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